• Core Restore 6 Week Postnatal Series

    10 videos

    This 6 week series focuses on helping you rediscover, re-connect to, and re-strengthen your core and pelvic floor like never before after having children. You will gain the knowledge and tools you need to help you build a stronger and more functional core than ever before! Start to heal from Dias...

  • Postnatal Core & Pelvic Floor

    9 videos

    Have you completed our 6 week Core Restore series and are ready for more? Here you will find a variety of core and pelvic floor specific circuits ranging from continued rehabilitation to advanced core work and how to know when you are ready to step things up.

    *Yoga bl...

  • Postnatal LUNA Fusion

    6 videos

    Our signature LUNA Fusion class is a high intensity, low impact total body workout will provide you with a safe, sweaty, highly effective, yet still challenging way to exercise post-baby (regardless of how old your kiddos are!) By combining larger compound exercises with intervals of smaller, iso...

  • Postnatal LUNA Barre

    6 videos

    LUNA Barre is our own strategic approach to Barre fitness. We have created a highly effective workout that combines elements of pilates, strength training, cardio, and yoga. With a strong focus on correct pelvic floor & core integration, dynamic breath led movement, & proper alignment our LUNA Ba...

  • Postnatal Mama Strong

    7 videos

    Our signature Mama Strong class focuses on building strength from the inside out, leaving you feeling strong and empowered in YOUR body. Using heavier weights (5-8 lb hand weights & 15 lb kettlebells) as well as resistance, we will guide you through a series of full body strength training circuit...

  • Postnatal Cardio // HIIT

    9 videos

    Our PHIIT & Cardio Flow classes are fun, fast paced, highly effective, & challenging workouts specifically designed to get your heart rate up & your muscles burning all while incorporating diaphragmatic breath, correct recruitment of the core and pelvic floor, and proper alignment into each exerc...

  • LUNA Yoga
    6 videos

    LUNA Yoga

    6 videos

    Our yoga classes will build heat and strength while also increasing flexibility and mobility and focusing on proper core + pelvic floor mechanics throughout. Safe for all mamas with no need to further modify!

    *This class was filmed during the COVID-19 crisis with limited resources and without o...

  • 10-25 Min Power Workouts

    21 videos

    As busy mamas we know time can be limited, so we have created these quick yet highly effective workouts to squeeze in whenever you have the time! You can also stream a few of them together for a longer sweat session. Each workout is safe for both pregnant and postpartum mamas. You will find a wid...

  • Postnatal Bodyweight Workouts

    16 videos

    All of these workouts either do not use equipment, or the equipment featured is *optional*

    *Your beautiful body

    Please consult with your physician or health care provider before beginning any exercise program. LUNA Mother Co is not a licensed medical care...

  • LIVE Classes
    5 videos

    LIVE Classes

    5 videos

    *This is a recording of a LIVE class taught via Zoom to our studio members during the COVID-19 crisis while we are unable to teach in-person classes. Live streaming of our in person classes will begin when we are able to do so safely. Want to join our zoom classes? Go to

  • Self Paced Workouts

    3 seasons

    Here is how it works. In each video we demonstrate how to perform the exercises, then YOU decide how many reps feels good! We recommend between 12-15 reps and between 2-4 rounds but do what feels good to you! One day may be different from another based on time, motivation, and energy levels. Feel...

  • Postnatal Stretching & Mobility

    5 videos

  • Postnatal Exercise Library

    6 videos

    In this section we break down our most commonly used exercises to help you establish correct alignment and form to optimize your workouts & strength, and help prevent injuries.

    Please consult with your physician or health care provider before beginning any exercise program. LUNA Moth...

  • Postnatal Workout Calendars

    0 videos

    These calendars are simply meant as guides to help you maximize your time, experience, and outcome with LUNA Online. You can follow the suggested calendars exactly, or choose whatever workouts you feel called to on any given day! There is no "wrong" way to do things. Our calendars can be easily d...