• Postnatal Fundamentals

    6 videos

    By staring with LUNA's postnatal fundamental educational videos, you will learn the tools and techniques needed to start to heal diastasis recti, reconnect to and restore your pelvic floor and core, and prepare for the demands of motherhood. You will also find tips for moving smarter during your ...

  • Postnatal Physical Therapy

    11 videos

    Inside you'll find educational videos on diastasis recti and pelvic floor anatomy and function, pelvic floor & core physical therapy programs to begin to heal in the early weeks postpartum, returning to exercise postpartum, plus modifications and considerations for pelvic organ prolapse, symphysi...

  • C-Section Recovery & Care

    7 videos

    When navigating this section, we suggest downloading our Post C-Section Recovery Guide (PDF) and starting with the Post C-Section Care & Tips video. From there, if you have not already watched our diaphragmatic breathing video, that would be the next step. You can then move through our early week...