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Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Up Next in Postnatal Core & Pelvic Floor

  • Return To Crunches, Sit Ups & Advance...

    If you have completed our Core Restore series and have mastered the core connection breath and are feeling ready to start incorporating more "traditional" and advanced core exercises such as crunches, sit ups, bicycles, and the like into your workout routine, then start here and DON"T SKIP THIS V...

  • Advanced Core Circuit 1

    This circuit is for our postpartum mamas who have completed the Core Restore series and have established a strong foundation of strength, are able to move through our intermediate core workouts with proper tension to task, and are ready to start up-leveling their core work to build off of your st...

  • Pelvic Pain Circuit (All levels)

    This circuit is designed to help rebalance the pelvis, build stability, and prevent + relieve symptoms of symphysis pubis dysfunction, SI joint pain, sciatica, and pelvic instability.

    *Yoga block or firm pillow
    *Resistance band loop

    Please consult with yo...