• Prenatal Fundamentals

    6 videos

    By staring with LUNA's prenatal fundamental educational videos, you will learn the tools and techniques needed to start preparing for the demands of childbirth and learn how to move through your pregnancy with more ease and less (if any) aches and pains! You will also find tips for moving smarter...

  • Prenatal Physical Therapy

    6 videos

    Inside you'll find comprehensive educational videos on pelvic floor anatomy and function, modifications and considerations to help prevent, ease, and heal common pregnancy injuries such symphysis pubis dysfunction, SI joint pain, sciatica, & pelvic floor dysfunctions.

    Please consult ...

  • 3rd Trimester Birth Prep

    11 videos

    Our workouts are designed for every stage of pregnancy and are safe to continue to do right up until labor as long as there is no medical reason you should not continue exercising, or if you prefer to slow things down. However there are things you can begin incorporating into your routine in the ...

  • Preparing For Postpartum

    4 videos

    In this three part series, our Nurse Midwife, Georgia Noonan walks you through the physical changes that occur in your body postpartum, supplies to have on hand for a smoother initial postpartum recovery, caring for your stitches or c-section site, and other ways to promote the healing process. Y...