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Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

10 Minute Full Body Stretch

Episode 9 • 8m 12s

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    Pelvic ligament pain can be quite common during pregnancy, and may even stick around postpartum. It can cause sharp, sudden pain with movement, or feel more like a constant ache, or even both! Join Sarah as she explains the two most common types of pelvic ligament pain and walks you through a ser...

  • SI Joint Reset

    If you think your SI joint may be out of alignment, we recommend seeing a chiropractor and/or physical therapist in person - however these simple exercises can help reset the SI joints and provide some pain relief!

    *Yoga block

    Please consult with your ...

  • Stretches For Breastfeeding

    When nursing, we often find ourselves in weird positions and with compromised posture. This can lead to sore, tight muscles. These stretches can help release tension, lengthen tight muscles, and increase mobility!


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