Gain strength, build a strong connection to your core, and prime your body for pregnancy with our highly effective, evidence-based fitness classes. With a strong focus on proper pelvic floor & core integration, dynamic breath-led movement, & alignment, our fitness classes will help you build strength, improve stability, balance & posture, and increase muscular endurance all while challenging you in a fun, safe way! Choose from a variety of different workouts including yoga, Pilates, cardio, strength, & cycle!

  • TTC Yoga
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    TTC Yoga

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    In this section you will find our PowerFlow classes - a faster moving Vinyasa style flow that will build heat + strength while also increasing flexibility, mobility and focusing on proper core + pelvic floor mechanics throughout, our YinFlow classes which are relaxing, restorative, and refreshing...

  • TTC Pilates

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    Lengthen, strengthen, and improves balance, alignment, stability, and stamina in our signature Fiery mat Pilates & Pilates Cardio Fusion classes. You'll feel both challenged and revitalized in the best ways!

    *Resistance band loop
    *Set of light dumbbells
    *Pilates ball...

  • TTC Strength & Cardio

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    Join us for fun, fast paced, highly effective, & challenging cardio workouts specifically designed to get your heart rate up & your muscles burning all while incorporating diaphragmatic breath, correct recruitment of the core and pelvic floor, and proper alignment into each exercise + movement.


  • TTC Cycle

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    Our LUNA Cycle class is a super fun, sweaty, and upbeat workout set to the beat of the music. You'll get your heart rate up and your muscles burning in this one! Nikki brings an awesome, encouraging, and fun energy to her classes. Your upper body (and of course your core) will get some love too! ...