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Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Prepare To Push

3rd Trimester Birth Prep • 8m 12s

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  • Positions For Labor & Pushing

    Learn some of the different positions you can use throughout your labor that can help make you more comfortable and relaxed, allow for the pelvis top open to make it easier for baby to descend, as well as different positions for the pushing stage of labor. You can also use these movements to prep...

  • Pelvic Floor Lengthening Sequence

    The pelvic floor needs to be able to lengthen and contract to function optimally, and a weak pelvic floor is not always the cause of pelvic floor dysfunction. Having a too-tight pelvic floor can also often be the cause and kegels can make it worse! This lengthening circuit can help release overac...

  • Third Trimester Stretch Sequence

    This sequence is great for any stage of pregnancy but is especially helpful in the third trimester as birth nears to help open the pelvis and create space for baby to drop, relieve discomfort, lengthens the pelvic floor, and can also help baby settle into an optimal position for birth. It can be ...