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Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Watch this video and more on LUNA Mother Co

Upper Body and Core 3 (All Levels)

10-25 Min Power Workouts • 16m

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  • Inner Thighs & Deep Core

    Did you know that your inner thighs are technically part of the core? Crazy right?! But it's true. Not only does having strong inner thighs help protect the low back, hips, knees, and ankles by taking some of the pressure off of the joints, but also helps to improve mobility and stability as well...

  • Fiery Mat Pilates 1 : w/ Nance

    Lengthen, strengthen, and improves balance, alignment, stability, and stamina in this fiery Pilates mat class with Nance. You'll feel both challenged and revitalized in teh best ways!

    *Resistance band loop
    *Set of light dumbbells

    Please consult with you...