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C-Section CoRebuild 12 Week Program

C-Section CoRebuild 12 Week Program

13 Seasons

Our C-Section CoRebuild 12 Week Program can be started at any time, regardless of how far postpartum you are, and as early as a few days postpartum! No matter how far postpartum you are (days, weeks, months, or years) we highly recommend starting from week ONE to learn our fundamentals, begin to lay the foundation for your healing journey, and get the most out of this program. Healing takes time!

*Yoga block
*Pilates ball (or firm pillow)
*Mini resistance band loop

Please consult with your physician or health care provider before beginning any exercise program. LUNA Mother Co is not a licensed medical care provider and therefor the information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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C-Section CoRebuild 12 Week Program
  • Breathwork Warmup

    Episode 1

    While it may seem boring, learning to breathe diaphragmatically is essential to the healing, strength, and function of your core and pelvic floor - not just during exercise, but in daily life too! We breathe approximately 22,000 times per day. The more you practice diaphragmatic breath, the soone...

  • Early Weeks Rehab Week 6 Circuit

    Episode 2